Register with St. John the Evangelist

Why Register?

We encourage you to register so that you can receive pastoral care from the priests and the staff, along with becoming a full member of our faith community.


Many people believe that because they attend a particular parish they automatically are registered. Sometimes, young adults who have been away for years think they are registered under their parents, this is not the case.


Membership requires signing up. It enhances your commitment to your faith and your parish.


  • Important information concerning changes or emergencies can only be sent to registered persons.
  • Census numbers can be determine how many priests are assigned to a family, what benefits and obligations the community has to the diocese, and how many Masses, Confessions and devotions are planned.
  • Many Sacraments can only take place in the parish  of your registration or require you to be registered in a parish.

Our faith is a living thing that when nourished can flourish.

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